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  • 02 Jul, 2017

this was originally posted on the 3rd of June 2016!

…immer wieder rauf und runter. so mögen wir das! foto: Philipp Reiter

…die Höhenmetertage in Bad Reichenhall: the H-Days!

Am Fuderheuberg…. Hochstaufen im Hintergrund zu erahnen! foto: Philipp Reiter

von und mit Sephan Repke (a.k.a. the Gripmaster) und Philipp Reiter (a.k.a. der Zauberlehrling / Zauberer)…

Gruppenfoto nach dem Dötzi Skyrace 😉 foto: Gripmaster

war mir wieder eine Ehre mit den zweien und den vielen lieben Teilnehmern durch die Berchtesgadener Berge und Chiemgauer Alpen zu düsen und den einen oder anderen Höhenmeter mitzunehmen! War super mit Euch! H-Days 3.0? …würd mich freuen!

…waren es nun 99 oder doch 117 Serpentinen!? egal, definitiv ein Spaß! foto: Philipp Reiter


By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017
...took me a while to find the time to copy the content of my old homepage into the new one. Unfortunately, there has been some issues with the old provider (to quite some extend our fault as well!); anyway, needed to find and copy/paste the homepage content from a "wayback machine"... at least it wasn't completely lost..

And now I will try to catch up with what has happened inbetween then and now.

First , there was an interesting UTMB; start was on the day I was allowed to lift my arm up again after fracturing my left clavicula 3 times... I wasn't expecting a good run; not even really a finish cause of the missing time of training. And yes, it is a 170km race through the mountains with quite some vert.
Second , Silke and I had the chance (vacation) to explore Scotland by travelling around in a VW Bus... and participate in the Glen Coe Skyline race (fusing mountain running and alpinism). In short: it was such an awesome experience and there is definitely a good chance we'll be back there sooner or later.
Third ,  the 2016 season came to an end and there is simply a big big THANK YOU to all my sponsors and supporters who are giving me the chance to do what I love to do! ...and luckily enough, there will be another season (2017!) where I will get the chance to explore wonderful places on my own two feet using a pair of Salomon shoes ;-)

...ok, after these posts (following hopefully very soon) there will be a report about my reasonable go at the MIUT2017, then some words about my DNF at the EGT2017 (second DNF in a row there ;-( ), then a little bit about a short race of "only" 25k (Zugspitz Basetrail) and some words about my third go at the LUT2017.

...some words to write and some pictures to share ;-)
soLong and happyTrails in the meantime!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

…a very positive UTMB DNF and an awesome time in Scotland around the Glen Coe Skyline run&scramble… more to come soon!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

#timeToRest&Recover statt #timeToPlay at the moment 🙁

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

4 pages of fame in der Trailrunning Szene. Dankeschön fürs Interview!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

…dF = did Finish!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

…die Höhenmetertage in Bad Reichenhall: the H-Days!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

Aller Guten Dinge sind Drei; leider nicht dieses mal…

so sehr ich mich auf den Estrela Grande Trail gefreut habe, und so sehr ich wieder eine gute „Performance“ abliefern wollte; es wollte diesmal einfach nicht sein.

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

Lichtenstein Trail Race & Camp . Denis & das TrailMag haben geladen.

Silke (a.k.a. the crew) und ich nutzen die Chance um uns mal diese schwäbische Alb anzusehen. Ich muss sagen: hat wirklich was. Sehr schönes Plätzchen Erde!

zuerst ging es mal beim Camp mit super Revierguides zum Eingewöhnen über deren Pfade. Fein. Danke!

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

…a run around one of the Azores Islands and one across the Istria peninsula

By DID57664 02 Jul, 2017

…one of these rather perfect days: 19:49:43 h for 173km and 7120m of climbing…

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