tom wagner
               mountain ultra trail runner

my projects

...somewhere in Scotland (Glen Coe area)
...somewhere in southern France (Ceüse!)
...if races and related recovery allows for a personal adventure or two (well, I try to fit them into the schedule as training runs anyway), there are so many to choose from and quite often it is simply exploring the mountains of the Eastern Alps! There are still so many cool loops or little "projects" to do (e.g. the Ingering-Loop in the Seckauer Tauern Range). Nevertheless, there are definitely other places farther away I would love to give a go. GR20 on Korsika for sure, Lake Tahoe Loop (maybe the Tahoe 200!?), something in the San Juan Mountains (or maybe I'll make it into Hardrock once!?), or simply pack the Caddy and explore Europe furhter north, south, west or east!? So much to do out there ;-)
...somewhere in NZ (Nelson Lakes)
...somewhere in USA (along the PCT)
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